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Get away on that dream holiday you have been thinking about - start planning it today. To get you inspired we have some great suggested destinations. We also offer some handy travel tips.
Where is your next holiday destination?
Here's some handy tips for Travellers:

Exchanging money. Be familiar with the exchange rates before you leave. It is a good idea to change some money at the airport when you arrive for taxis etc. Only change money at reputable places - especially in places like Bali. If you are unsure ask at your hotel.

Take warm, comfortable clothes on the plane. The air conditioning on planes is usaually quite cold, especially when flying for extended periods. Make sure you stay hydrated.

Learn the local traffic rules. Each country has it's own unique traffic rules and if you are not familiar with them you could be up for some hefty fines or worse still experience a serious accident.

Medication Take some medication, such as panadol and imodium, just in case you get sick. Be sure to check that the medication is legal in the country you travel to.

Take out Travel Insurance. Sounds obvious but this is essential. Things can happen beyond your control and if you have no travel insurance you could be up for some hefty bills. A cancelled flight can cause havoc with the rest of your travel plans. Get a Free 10-Day Look with Allianz Global Assistance, the world leader in travel insurance. Get a free quote now.

Orientation. When travelling to big cities for the first time it is advisable to get your bearing before arrival. You can achieve this by purchasing maps or using google maps. Learn how to use a compass.

Beware of free public WIFI. Free public WIFI is fine for for browsing the internet, however it is not secure and you should never enter any passwords whilst using it. Leave the online banking etc until you get on a secure connection like at your hotel.

Copies of Important Documents. Make copies of important doucuments like your passport and tickets and keep them in a separate bag to the originals. If the originals are lost or stolen, having copies will make life a lot easier.

Local Language. Learn a few of the common phrases of the local language - especially "No thank you".

Eat where the locals eat. Invariably the best restaurants are the ones that are packed with locals.

Understand the Local Laws. Laws vary between countries. What is legal in your home country may land you in jail in a foreign country.


Bali is an island in Indonesian best known for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, tranquil forests, temples, rice paddies and of course shopping. There are lots of great restaurants and hotels which range from the simplest to the sheer luxury - depending on your budget. Bali is renound for its world class surf spots, incredible dive and snorkel showcases and also the many yoga retreats. You can choose to just laze around the pool and get massages or you can go off on the many tours around the island.


Paris is the capital of France and is one of the most beautiful and romantic travel detinations. Paris has a rich history of amazing art and culture. Things to see include the Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre Museum, The Latin Quarter and of course the Eiffel Tower. Referred to as the city of lights, Paris has many fantastic cafes, bars, markets and restaurants. Take a day trip to one of the many great vineyards and experience some famous French wine.


London the capital of the United Kingdom is a fabulous place to visit for your next holiday. London is the place to shop with lots of the big designer shops and jewellers all in the same area. Visit Bond Street, Carnaby Street, Oxford Street and King's Road. There are lots of fantastic pubs and restaurants as well as some lovely parks and gardens.


Vancouver Canada is a very energetic, friendly and picturesque city surrounded by natural beauty. People have immigrated from all over the world to live in Vancouver resulting a rich and diverse culture. Things to do include whale watching, visit trendy Gastown, skiing or snowboarding on Grouse Mountain and hiking in the beautiful surrounding mountains.


The Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean and feature the best over water villas in the world. The 1200 odd islands are truely heaven on earth. There is not a hawker in sight and the waters are crystal clear. Enjoy the fantastic beachfront dining after your hectic day of lazing by the pool or the fabulous beaches.